The new Pakistani flag being raised at the embassy in London for the first time in 1947.

I’m slowly dying


Respect you all of Madlib 

2014 is Joeys year best believe it

i still have those dreams



Who the fuck cares if teenage girls want to stick a rhinestone on their forehead at a music festival like you guys are pathetic get angry about something that actually matters for once

it’s funny when it’s not your culture being turned into a fashion accessory devoid of it’s cultural importance and meaning when your culture is full of cheese whiz and extreme couponing 

Our cultures have been mocked all our lives, but the minute a piece of Sanskrit gets tattooed on some famous individual, or some white girl wears a bindi as a god damn fashion statement. It suddenly becomes validated, our culture is stolen from underneath us.because once something has appreciation from white people it now has marketing value. All the while we are being told to change to conform and once we have changed out of every article of our culture you appropriate it, sell it, and then call us lacking in taste and creativity.

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